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Especially owing to the fact that my blogging stock-in-trade is strictly of the low traffic variety, it’s always really nice when people stumble in and leave some upbeat breadcrumbs for me.

Found, this morning, on a recent post, a very kind comment. Traced it (and commenter) back to his own website, and nearly fell out of my chair. Looking through his paintings, several of the characters in his work are instantly recognizable and very familiar.

And I don’t mean that in a “hey, yer rippin’ stuff off” kind of way, but rather in a “holy shit, this guy and I are cut from the same bolt of cloth!” kind of way. Very closely aligned visual ideas and vocabulary, to the point of goosebumps. Note with interest artist’s story, in particular the lack of formal art training since the 9th grade (which describes me as well, right down to the same school year), as well as his moving into the arena of art-making only recently. Really, a nicely-timed virtual introduction.

So, thank you, Brian, come back anytime. And I’d defy any and all who know both me and my artwork well to go have a good look at Brian’s stuff, and come back and tell me you don’t see a resemblance.

(…and even if you know neither me NOR my artwork, go have a peek at it anyway)

Anyhow, I was reminded of the four-piece set I’ve included in this post that was lurking unscanned (until now) in my pile. These are the only ones I’ve ever done that actually have some provenance to them. My friend / fellow artist Julienne had caught wind of an open submission call for a show that took place in England. The gentleman who spearheaded the show, Craig Atkinson, seems to always be up to very interesting stuff, and I recommend a visit to his website as well.

I do not recall the name of the show, and the impressive volume of visual content — submissions that were selected, scanned one-by-one,  plus photos of the opening — has long since been taken offline as Craig’s focus was trained toward other projects and events.

But as I recall it, the premise of the show was to ask for original submissions of works whose titles were to be taken from the list of works that were in or that had previously been shown in the gallery. In other words, Craig put out a list of titles. Many dozens of them. Pick any one, and make a piece using that title. Or several. And it had to be on A6-sized paper only

(I’d previously been unfamiliar with the ISO paper sizing construct, and I *think* I’m correctly recalling the A6 designation, but not certain…)

Anyhow, the four titles that I selected were:

  • Things Supplementary
  • Notradame Catherdral Paris 1916 (sic)
  • The Fish Fag
  • Painting of Ian Grant
So, this quartet hopped the pond and found their way back to me. Of the four, Things Supplementary and Notradame (whose misspelling on Craig’s original list I chose to preserve) were selected and shown, and I remember how cool it was when the show opening pics went up, and I was actually able to pick out my duo among the sea of A6 artworks.Things Supplementary is of some personal significance in that this is the first appearance of the robot character. Have not worked with him in awhile, but no doubt we have unfinished business to tend to, he and I. Additionally noteworthy for me is my clear recollection of having had no expressed drive to, say, draw a robot. He just appeared, and I remember being so surprised by how fully formed and imbued with, for lack of a better term, personality he was right from the get-go.
The Notre Dame Cathedral one, well, that one’s just plain nuts, and as such, I’m proud of it. I thought I was being all clever and cheeky with Fish Fag, only to realize later that, duh, of course, dozens of peeps sent in drawings of cig huffing fish. Also thought I was being clever with “Painting of Ian Grant.” It’s still one of my personal favorite visual puns that I’ve pulled off, but alas, that one did not get picked for the show.
I continue to be amazed at the organization, the dedication to detail Craig applied simply in the matter of returning all artworks — in plastic sleeve — to their creators at points all over the globe. Glad that these made their way back to me.

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Freelance writer with a strong pull towards environmental matters (water issues especially) that remains fueled by my study of and early-career practice in geology and hydrology. Music, food, dogs, current/political events, and visual arts combine to command much of the portion of attention not ceded to ecological concerns. Also Monty Python. I've sold a few pieces of original art and have made cab fare home playing saxophone. Native Mainah

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  1. diembe says:

    correction: “…Note with interest artist’s story, in particular the lack of formal art training since the 9th grade (which describes me as well, right down to the same school year)”

    embarrassed by my oversight. it is true that 9th grade was my last year taking art classes regularly. but i plum forgot about the perspective drawing class i took my senior year at tufts (more than 20 years ago), ditto the intro graphic design class i took at the maine college of art’s continuing ed offerings back in ’94 or thereabouts.

    comment: just for grins, here’s a link to a wiki commons image of norte dame’s facade: different lighting, but taken from a similar vantage point to the one on which i based my drawing.


  2. Thanks for the shout out DB!

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