I always liked the phrase “dog’s breakfast.” It took until just recently for me to understand why.

I recently looked up the origins of that particular idiom, and while I came to learn it in New England, it actually traces back to the old one. One definition of its meaning I found seemed to be rather negative and judgmental, so I prefer the interpretation of “dog’s breakfast” that means, simply, a jumble. A hodge-podge. A mix of all kind of different things.

THAT’S what I plan to do here, as it’s what I do in general: lots of different things.

Anyhow, I thought about “dog’s breakfast” as blog / site title. And then I thought: hey, I’m an urban and relatively urbane gay male. We do brunch. So I considered “dog’s brunch” for a bit. And it then dawned on me that the letters “d” and “b” not only stand in both for “dog’s” and “brunch” (or “breakfast,” which I returned to) respectively, but for my first and last names as well.

So I determined to get my middle initial (“m” — which stands for: “middle”) into the mix as well.

I thought about dog’s MESSY breakfast. And dog’s MEATY breakfast. And I kept mulling on it, not happy with either of those.

And after a bit, I just looked down, and saw this impossibly  sweet furry face looking up at me. Tail wagging. I could just picture our insanely awesome dog Sam doing something nice and generous for us. Like having breakfast all prepared for us as we started our day.

* ding !! *

the Dog Made Breakfast  !!

… if only he had opposable thumbs.

Anyhow, that’s a lengthy and meandering background story to the not-terribly-compelling matter of how a blog got its name.

But it’s germane, the matter of dogs and of breakfasts. This blog will be a mix. At this point in my life, and at the outset of this blog anyway, to have a small chunk of online real estate where I can offer up a video, a short essay, my latest photoshop phollies, maybe even an audio file … well, that seems to be what the doctor ordered. And I’m hopeful that the exercise will aid me in working through my lingering discomfort with such labels as “writer” or “musician” or “artist.”


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